Mystical Bands Do Not Exist in Game


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The wiki doesn't even have a drop location for these things - we believe they were supposed to appear in Saltmarsh content, but nobody seems to have found one.


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The crafting recipe that uses them was added with Dread but the not the item itself. Maybe they'll finally get added with Vecna mini-expansion.


Prove me wrong.

it cannot be done, you can't be proved wrong. you have in your hand an incredible power, you are holding a truth-defining thread in the fabric of the universe. use it well while it lasts, until the system overlords will sever it while re-defining reality.

jokes aside, the only thing that exist in game is a ring-like icon and a tooltip in the crafting interface. "These chunks of Ferrocrystal resonate with magnetic energies". ferrocrystal, to me it sounds like feywild stuff. maybe they are supposed to drop as quest reward like other mystical mats, but loot tables and % drop chances are bugged, or maybe the atm reachable fey favor baronet milestone, that has no reward, maybe it was supposed to be a vendor unlock, like yugo and cannith, but the vendor was never added. or maybe it was just forgotten that it had to be put somewhere and like all the crafting-related stuff it will takes ages to change.

.......who knows, just imagining sorta-plausible stuff here out of my head, what i wrote is just me guessing and imagining things.


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I was working on the theory that the best/fastest way to get an answer to a question on the Internet was to provide a wrong answer. Failed my skill check. *sigh*