Mystical Bands Do Not Exist in Game


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Well, now we know how it works. thanks @ (yeah, yer new-ish name is too long)

Ugh.. did you really just mix DnD and LoTRO? V. disappointed @Cordovan. n rly, please don't kill it. 420 crafter level is rather hard to achieve.


IMO there should not be advertised procs we cannot gain. n Mystic ingredients are O L D
It is appropriate. Jerry knows I play DDO and LotRO both. I used to complain about Turbine, and now SSG, closing both games for maintenance, updates, etc.
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That is my gut feeling, is that maybe this shard made it to preview but was determined to be overly powerful and thus pulled before live.

From a perspective of experienced player - it's nowhere near OP.
Mainly because it's a weapon prefix.

When you craft a weapon it's not worth to give up "good/evil weapon" prefix for any amount of armor-piercing+destruction at any particular Minimum Level. Pure (good/evil) damage + DR bypass is just too good, moreover:
  1. You can craft regular armor-piercing into trinket/gloves.
  2. On late epics when raid bosses start to live more than a few swings and Destruction slowly becomes handy you can put Deconstrucor to red slot of a weapon.
  3. There are quite few other sources of destruction that do not stack with this prefix.
  4. Only one player's Destruction debuff can be applied to a monster, so there is a good chance someone already has a destruction debuff in your party. (I'm not 100% sure on this, but most of debuffs works like this)