Need ideas for a reincarnated build


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I'm going to reincarnate for the first time as a bow ranger, and I plan to keep that character as a ranger. However, I'm uncertain what race I should play as I didn't like my current one very much (dragonborn). I was thinking about playing as a drow because I was finding I was getting more damage using the venomed blades enhancement from the rouge tree rather than the elemental arrows out of the AA tree, and the drow racial tree has venomed blades. However, I've seen some other races recomended on the ddo wiki. What race should I play?


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First, were you planning a DEX bow build again? I'm currently running a mostly-Ranger as an INT Inquisitive build. Ranger means you have fair self-healing. Halfling would help your DEX, Elf has good synergy and an excellent Dragonmark plus DEX as well, Human is generally a go-to if you can make good use of the extra feat. Drow will get +2 DEX but less points to spend due to the +2 in INT and CHA. It's basically best not to use a race that hurts your damage or casting stat (DEX by default, which Dragonborn hurt, and WIS, which Warforged would hurt).


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As far as race goes...go with one of the shorter ones (it makes a HUGE difference if you will be using IPS, trust me), also venomed blades are vastly outclassed by Force Arrows (III) and tier 2-3-4 imbue dice enhancement. Force Arrows do damage to almost everything and also gain the on crit burst damage, which (with the right bow/feats/enhancements) should be around 14 to16-20 x5-6 or better.