Nestor's returning/new player guide to building a character


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The point of this guide is to teach you how to make the strongest possible character with the resources that are available to you. You should be able to make a powerful enough first-life character for the endgame content of Raids and Reaper 10 runs.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you would only be able to max out 2-4 (more with Past Lives) aspects of your character's overal build. For a DPS, this could be damage and enough defence to sustain a few hits. For a wizard, insta-kills and crowd control. Whatever you chose, remember to push it to its absolute limit.

When it comes to Race, Stats, Skills, Feats and Spells, you should be looking to compliment your build which starts at the enhancement trees. Before making a character, check out the tree progressions on the wiki.

The bottom row of enhancements are called Core Enhancements. These are the most powerful because they offer more value per point spent than other enhancements. The same way, the top tier of enhancements are the more powerful compared to the rest of the tree. The beneficiary value of the final core enhancement (capstone) is greater than that of any other 1 Action Point investment. Try to plan your build as having 1 Core Capstone (minimum 41 points spent in a single tree). When planning how to spend the rest of your points, try to compliment your chosen tree. Even if you split into 4-5 trees, it may be better than placing points into things that you do not use.

Epic Destinies should at this point continue to compliment the constructed build. The top tier still has the greatest value as well as the cores.

As for the gear, it is heavily dependant on content. Spend $ and tell SSG I sent ya.

Enjoy :D

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