New PC /no audio

Col Kurtz

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hi... hooked up a new PC that had audio during the PC setup(so I know it worked at default)

but, ddo has no audio yet...gotta go to work now, hoping some ideas to get it working pop up here when I get home tonight.

(yea wrong forum jong:) but I know i'll get a quicker response here) TY


It's possible that you've got more than one "audio adapter" in the PC. This is especially common if you have a USB headset/microphone or sometimes an HDMI interface for your audio drivers.

When in DDO, check the Audio settings for your default "Output" and "Input" device configuration. It should be a dropdown box you can toggle and test while you're playing.


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Yeah, every time I switch to my headset, from monitor, I have to set 'Headset' in DDO's Audio settings.
i am having a very similar issue... Intro movie plays full blast.... character creation is muted... audio settings (in game) are all at max... also brand new pc... no mic installed... no speakers... on board sound.. .youtube has audio... movies have audio and as i said, so does the game intro movie have audio... just not the actual game
ok MY issue is because OCULUS steals the audio (even after closing the app) I have to factory restore (DAMN SUCKERBERG!)

err, sorry about that