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I'm a returning player, my roommate who is huge on the release of BG3. I've convinced him to start a character on DDO. I was wondering if any of the beginner pre built classes are any good? He's never played MMORPGs and the whole system is foreign to him. I know him well and am certain if I release him to all the different ways you can build your character from the beginning, he will quickly lose interest. I won't always be around to tell him what to put points in or what feats to get.

Preferably something he can solo on normal/hard difficulty so he can mess around when I'm not available. He did mention maybe grabbing VIP for a month so opinions for both F2p and VIP are welcomed. I may even pay his first month.

Thanks in advance!


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I've never had a problem with them and have played all but the druid and artificer that way.

He's brand new, he's not going to want to screw around with all the various builds, just taking a stock character would be fine. Especially since 99% of everyone's first character gets junked. The first character is just an experiment so don't stress him at the starting point.

I'd recommend either a 2 handed Fighter or a 2 weapon rogue. Fighter just for the con and a big ol' 2 handed axe is fun. 2 wep rogue lets you put out some good damage and gives you the trap finder.

I took a stock; right from the character selection screen, 2 handed axe Fighter through this last hardcore and the one before that was a 2 wep rogue.


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I was thinking THF Paladin myself ... it's nice having the heals to throw, though it's a bit of a complication.


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They weren't even good 10 years ago, now they're just ridiculously bad, and the devs have said it's too much work to redo, so they just leave them in. Would literally be better just to remove them so people don't accidentally choose it.

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Yeah, don't do the pre-builds! 😲

I'd suggest starting him off on a pure build to reduce the potential dimensions of complexity. Leave "optimisation" for their later journey. It's always good to have room to improve and starting with something solid and workable should do fine for a complete newbie.

For me, that would likely be pally or barb for their raw survivability, though fighter might be good too now (I just haven't run one since the latest 2nd wind update so don't know). Human on each of those as a freebie race works as a starting point for immersion too.

Your mate may prefer caster or ranged, but as a complete newbie I'd recommend they wait until they've learned all the ranged cheese before doing them in a PL.

Of course they may not enjoy melee at all, in which case ignore all my guff! 😂👍 YMMV. 😁👍


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Suggestions for the total newb:

1. As other have suggested above go pure class to avoid screwups.

2. Whatever you play do at least 14 Con, even on a 28 pt build. Really 16 is where you should be.

3. This generally means playing a class where one stat will do good DPS to go alongside that life-saving Con. Good examples are Barbarian (Str-Con), Fighter (Str-Con), Bard (Cha-Con), Sorcerer (Cha-Con). Anything to avoid having to spread those 28 build points out to the point they won't really be effective anywhere.

4. If you're playing with a friend have both builds in that category but complementary. Do a Barbarian or a Fighter with a Bard as an example.

5. Play the game as a game and not a race. Even when you learn about past life benefits the odds are pretty good that they are a trap unless you plan to spend 30+ hours a week playing DDO and plan to spend a lot of money to support that by constantly running XP pots and such.

The game is actually a pretty entertaining experience just from the standpoint of searching out all the adventures and playing several classes through them. It's much worse as a grind for absolute power and BTW you will never get there because even given all the time and money in the world I guarantee you the cheese will be perpetually moved just in front of your reach.

Enjoy the game though. There are a lot of very entertaining ways to die built-in and even more ways to avoid that fate with a little thought and nimble movement.


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What Br4d said is the best advice for a 28 PT build or for anyone really. Especially, play as a game and not a race and enjoy it.
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Have him do a human barbarian, take the feats THF and dragonmark of passage. He will hate running around slowly so this will solve that issue.
Easy build—max STR and CON, skills do not matter. Nothing really matters actually…

I wonder how many new players quit due to slow movement. Vets have quivers, clickies, ship buffs, horses…


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Saekee made a good point on speed. Not sure what server OP is on but I run on Khyber, I have no problem helping you farm for a horse and gear. Wont take too long to get in Borderlands. In fact I usually chill at lvl 32 just to help other farm (raiding too but mainly helping others)

You can purchase haste pots but they are 30 sec, if your VIP, you get additional runspeed in cities along with extra passive XP but speed can be a speed bump (pun intended) :)


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These responses are perfect! He hasn't decided either caster or fighter but I think I got him on the idea of a pure barb - I think he will enjoy the raging and movement speed as well as I really didn't want the game to feel like I was just carrying his soul stone often

I'm returning myself and I may jump in with one of these starter builds myself to get the hang of things l. I jumped on my main and was soooo confused lol

Thank you all again!