New Wizards not getting weapon proficiencies.


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Just made an Elf Wizard. She got the Elf Weapons, but not the Wizard Simple ones.
Tried again with a War Forged, but checked on the Character Creation Screen. No Weapon Proficiencies.

In Short, my Wizard can't use a Staff. :(

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this has happened to my 2 Wizards temporarily before a few times...had to log out and exit game completely and then back in then finally all weapon proficiencies showed back up under Feats (Edit: when this happend to my Wizards, All of the Weapon Feats were just gone)...not sure what the underlying mechanism is there, if it was locally cached
but definitely weird...
altho since u just created characters, prolly a different scenario, but u could give the above a shot - takes like less than 5 minutes to try

then put in a Trouble Ticket to get them to look at it (give them sometime to investigate into it...)
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I had tried to relog. To no avail....
ended up deleting that character.

Usually my Wizards ARE EKs.
But this time I didn't want to do that.

It's weird, as you go through the character creation process, on the feats selection page, they seem to have this feat. But after you select spells it is gone.


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I rolled one up and didnt see anything in feats until i looked at them alphabetically.

Korthos character wasnt showing that they were not proficient with Quarter Staffs.

You dont need EK.