Newbie hardcore tierlist


Sacred fist

Falconry or Henshin monk, Paladin inquisitive

Paladin STD/KOTC, blightcaster, nature's protector

Dark hunter

Tempest, favored soul

Tower shield tanks

Rogues, Archmage/Pale master, Artificer, bard, Alchemist

Warlocks, deepwood/Arcane archer, Cleric

Sorceror, EK, Herald of seasons

I feel like I can't put anything with poor reflex saves, jump and HP in anything above D. I think FVS is way better than cleric for new users because they get primary jump and stout of heart. I see a new user on Artificer getting vaporized by AOE or playing rogue and dying to stray trash mobs. Am I right or wrong?


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I think THF pally is better than sac fist for new AND old players—more damage, which means stuff hits you less. This is good everywhere from low difficulty stuff to dealing with reapers. Traps are just not an issue on a paladin bc of hp, mrr, etc. Blightcaster is also probably S tier, but maybe not for new players.