Ninja Spy as archetype?


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Ninja Spy like the other two monk trees is vestigially a melee tree. That isn't to say that Ninja Spy isn't currently better played as a Shuriken thrower. But all of the abilities; much like all monk abilities are designed for melee use. Can't slap shadow double with a Shuriken in hand after all.

Ninja Spy could use a general facelift. There should be ranged versions of the attacks in the tree, and the melee side of the tree should get a bit of the boost it clearly needs to compete/offer variety compared to Shintao's handwraps (a mistake IMO) and Henshin's staff focus. I personally miss being able to play an handwrapped Dark Monk, but the ship has sailed and Dark is now tied to Ninja Spy/Weapon usage and Unarmed to Shintao.


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Well since folks here agree that Ninja tree still needs some help, here we go:

The other 2 Monk trees have a group of themed and flavored bonuses applied to *each* core, so with that in mind plus an interest to make Poisoning more useful:

1. Each Core of Ninja Spy adds: +20% Poison Vulnerability, a +5% chance per hit to remove Poison Immunity, +1 damage to your poison attacks (Sting of the Ninja, Ninja Poison & Poison Darts), and +3% stacking ****** bonus to Melee and Ranged Alacrity with Short Swords, Kamas and Shuriken. Because everyone knows Ninjas are good with Poison and are FAST!

2. Core 6 adds +2(W) to Shortsword, Kama and Shuriken. Similar to Shintano and handscraps. Change Vorpal to Soverign Vorpal

3. Add some Imbue Dice to the tree.

4. Sting of the Ninja... in addition... with this Imbue active, every Core in the Ninja Spy tree adds a +5% chance to Paralyze the target. Some ridiculous Save to negate, such as vs. Will DC = 10 + Monk Level + Highest of Dex/Wis Modifier + Assassinate DCs.

5. Increase the *range* and *duration* of the Flash Bang. Since the throw is real short, like a Pre-Schooler threw it! And 1 round duration is pretty meh. I mean Color Spray is 4 to 16 seconds.

6. Decoy Dummy needs a higher Intimidate and range of Intimidation, perhaps add your Sneak Skill to that.

7. No Mercy being 2 AP per rank is too high, highest in the game right?

In Grand Master of Flowers add something to increase damage of the Ninja poisons.
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