No Subscription for DDO found


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I believe that DDO is a f2p title? And when I created my account like a week ago(and I downloaded the game after a Week cause of bad wi-fi)
when i finished my download and tried to start the game it asked for Login info and i typed it in but it is saying

"No subscription for DDO found" Is it a bug, or is it just for me?
I just started now i haven't played it before in my life
what is happening ? is it cause of my specs? (i hv a real bad pc)
or is it the games problem?

Mand O'Lin

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DDO is indeed a f2p game (with micro-transactions). However, the "free" content is limited.

Regarding the subscription message, have you already created an account via the DDO website?

Unless things have changed (always a possibility), the client and an account are all you need to sign in.
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