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Hi, I used to play this extensively (f2p) about 6 years ago and have returned, I have a large collection of characters, most between lvl 2-7 but i have 2 or 3 between 15-18. I just got VIP and was wondering if there are any 'must haves' from the DDO store or expansions and general advise on what to buy if I decide to sink some more money into this game.



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I, too, am a returning player but my previous tenure was a lot more than 6 years ago :ROFLMAO:

I found that VIP had everything I needed for a first life 1-20 character. There's plenty to do and you have access to tons of content. For my level 20 characters, I eventually bought the Saltmarsh expansion once I had earned enough points. This expansion gives you access to Epic Destines and levels 21-30 (maybe 32....not even close to there yet, hehe). I'll eventually buy the Isle of Dread but right now there's SOOOOOO much content I have never seen before that I'll wait for the points to build in order to get it.

The best thing I did was find a guild to join with fun people so I could ask a ton of questions about all the changes since last I played. Good luck!
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This is fairly subjective, but I will list some important staff you can buy with DDO points:
  • Tome of learning (now on sale) both heroic and epic (this will make you lvl up permanently faster)
  • +8 tomes (can be bought together with shared bank with 10th anniversary bundle)
  • Shared bank - you will need a way of distributing gear between characters
  • IoD is good, Saltmarsch not so much, Feywild is OK
  • you can buy +2 racial and soon up to +2 universal AP tomes - this is not so important as +8 stat tomes though