Orien LAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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High Priority server access*! Limit the latency and increase the fun!
Only 9995 points per character.

*does not guarantee any difference from current live assess model. Non-refundable.


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Yep it was bad and after logging in my character was frozen for a minute. Bank takes a long while to open as soon as I open it you get a message it says failed

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi…….you’re our only hope.

These are not the game performance you are looking for.

Col Kurtz

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my co- worker is a game designer, he says LaG is caused by Duping/ relax its just another 'odball theory' , right;)


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There is no lag..... there is only Zuul



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The joys of living on a "Mega-Server". No thanks...I'll take little ol Cannith all day.
Yeah, I mean, who wants to play a massively multiplayer game with like 300 people on a server, that's like insane expectations.

According to ddoaudit Orien had about 26% more players over the last 30 days than the second most populated server, Argo. I don't think I'd call 26% more a megaserver.


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Argo is getting some spikes right now, just decided to take a break to get dinner and perhaps try tomorrow...