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Titus Ovid

Welcome travellers,
you found your way to Orien. The home of the mighty, the just and the rest.

There are some things of interest for this server and I try to make a summary here.

Ingame chats
There are no global default chats in the game. Everything is instance-based. But created userchannels are global.
We have at least 2 public userchannels you might find interesting.

a) the Titan channel
Originally created by R to coordinate The Twilight Forge raid the Titan channel survived all these years to be a place for all Orien players to meet, discuss, seek advice, to trade, to find group and guilds, in short for everything players might need in the game.

/joinchannel titan

b) eeraids
Thazara of Orien created this channel years back to organise endgame raids ... as the highest difficulty was epic elite. Now it is used to organize any kind of raid heroic, epic, legendary in whatever difficulty, post for free spots, ask for interest.

/joinchannel eeraids endgame

How to join a userchat click here or for a video here.

Orien (Raiding) Discord
Discord became a very popular playground for all kinds of DDO related subjects. Check out the ddowiki for a list of some discords.
And of course Orien has its own discord, the ORD. This too was originally planned as an off-game way to organise raids. But is has grown to so much more. Of course we do raids but builds, trades and cafting, too. You can ping guild recruiters, if you are looking for a new home, seek wisdom and wisecracks, post your achievements and/or funny things.
But keep in mind it is for all ages.
Join up, click the confirmation in #welcome and you are good to go.


PS: I will edit this thread when the old forum posts are available again.

Titus Ovid

Guild Leader Summit

Dear folks of Orien and other servers,

in the autumn of 2022 an initiative of Max from Divine Punishment and Zavina from Old Curiosity Shop took off and a new discord was founded: Orien Guild Leaders.
So far 30+ guilds are represented in this discord and we are hoping for more (see list at the bottom).

One purpose of the discord is to create an information platform about activities and useful things to know about Orien so that guild leaders can forward this information directly to their members. Another purpose is to organize events and activities that support and animate the community.
We want to build a network that shares experiences and fun gameplay to grow our awesome server.

If you are interested, please contact someone from the list below ingame, here on the forum or over the Orien (Raiding) Discord (ORD).

Thanks for stopping by.


Apocolyptic RaidersFoxxy
Armament of ShadowsRonko, Eldenth
Captain's CrewBrotherpat
DDO KoreaErams
Divine PunishmentMax
El Barco de ChanquettePredator
Epic FailYazz 2.0
Gathering of ShadowsYuriku
Geezers OnlyKC, Ahsah
Helter SkelterKennie
High Plain DriftersCrowfeeder
House Do'UrdenLucky
Khopesh and QuiversTalonir
Knights who say NiBurbursa
Lowered ExpectationsButters
NGITSUMAebro Komatme, Alizabethie
Old Curiosity ShopLurea, Zavina
Platinum DragonsClique
Raven's GuardMetrics, Sohryu
End of DaysKoz
Rollin' 20sGlorbuf
Sacred SupremacyVierah
Soko IrrlichtDurkun
Staal YstaSefru
The Circle of NightKhrandok
The Four HorsemanArtifina
The SpellswordsSinaefay
The WildcatsCranjis, Holybird
Tre KronorPhaeraun
Warriers of SkyeGabrien
Orien HeraldTitus
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