Overhaul of the profanity filter


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Please do an overhaul of the ingame profanity filter in chat.
It´s really ridiculous what kind of words are censored.
I recently chatted with a friend about Godzilla movies and I wanted to mention the japanese movies, just to find out that the word "japanese" is somehow offensive.

And, our running gag is the word "scrolls". This is where it really gets silly. You can´t even mention an ingame item in chat. Even when you post a link to that item, the item link is censored !

There are more examples, but these are the ones that came to my mind just now... I´ll add more when I encounter them.


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You can just off this filter in options menu, no? 8)
Well that´s not the point, a profanity filter is meant to filter out profanity, not words like "scroll"
Maybe someone likes to filter out bad language and still be able to read when someone links an item with the word "scroll" or "transmutation" in chat (or want to discuss "japanese" movies)

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Scroll is the most ridiculous one, they really need to go in and remove it from the filter. lol or they could rename all scrolls parchments, and create some scrolls dont work anymore bug, leaving everyone high and dry with no heal/rez scrolls


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It definitely needs an overhaul. Its weird that certain words get picked up by the filter, but let others pass through. One example my guildmate brought up was the word "Jew". He has seen quite a few people running around with the word in their bio with obvious racist tones, but yet as someone pointed out "scroll" gets blocked.


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profanity is any word that anyone found offensive between 0-1 times in their life. I can totally see some random person submitting a report to ssg about the word "roll" or "penetrate" and them adding it to the list.


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The common word for excrement the 4 letter word is banned also, which era are we in, victorian era?