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Coming up on my 10th heroic TR, and looking for advice on a build. 36 point with ability tomes, THF DPS buffing build. I don't care about Turning Undead. Mainly care about survivability, casting buffs, and healing ability. Basically, I'd like him to be a barbarian with healing and buffing ability. Can anyone suggest some starting stats with as little WIS and CHA as possible, just enough to get by, so I can maximize STR and CON? Or am I just dreaming? I just want to plow through s#*t.

Also, what do you find more important to mitigate damage if you had to choose an enchantment with one over the other, Fortification, or PRR? As I undstand it, AC is not an important stat anymore. Doesn't seem to do much.

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Well pretty much every Paladin is going to be able to do healing and buffing the same...they're not terrific buffers, though, just a couple minor passive aura benefits. Healing wise, do you mean self, or healing others? Non-Forged paladins will have the advantage of a lot more Heal Amp, for self-healing. Healing others is just Cure spells and LoH.

Why are you against CHA, though? Right now, for leveling through Heroic, it works really well, if you have the Feydark Illusionist tree unlocked (which you should, since Feywild is available for cheap if you dont already have it). Pure CHA Pal works fine (max CHA and CON, with just enough STR and DEX for feats), I like Human to get the extra feat. Will give you better LOH too. THFx3, Precision (or Power Attack if you want to dump DEX too), Imp Crit: Slash, Magical Training (required to access Feydark), Quicken, (Empower Healing if you're Human). 41 KotC, 7 Feydark (CHA to hit/dmg), 8 Vistani (Haste Boost), rest in Sacred Defender (stance and aura buffs).

You dont need WIS on any Paladin, you can get enough just from a WIS augment to cast your spells by the time you get them, and that's all it does.


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As @droid327 mentioned, CHR is the way to go. There are some STR based builds but having played both STR and CHA builds CHA is far better IMHO. If you do not have Feywild of do not want to invest points in it. You can still go CHA using the Dynastic Falcata which is one of the few CHR for ATK/DMG based weapons. You can go SWF or if you want more protection go with a shield.
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Or go PDK, 3ap's for CHA to hit and damage with Shortswords/Longswords/Bastard and Greatswords in the PDK tree.

Max CON and CHA


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As others have said, CHA primary is way easier to gear and has very good synergy with lots of pally stuff (Hands, Smite, Holy Retribution, etc.). And if you’re just doing a past life and some light endgame stuff before a TR again, CHA primary is prob best.

If you’re going to stay at cap for a while and want Max DPS, STR primary can’t be beat since you can get Str so much higher than Cha at cap and the dual fillis are just so good. But gearing a build like that properly takes some work, so I personally wouldn’t bother if it’s just for a quickish life.

Also (IMO) pally is not really as good as Barb for leveling fast (or ideally a Barb/Ftr split to combo Ravager Crit range with Kensi Crit multi). Between blood tribute and blood strength I find Barb needs to stop less for heals than when I’ve done pally lives, you basically just stomp through things without needing heals.


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Follow-up, it's been a week since TRing, I'm at Level 16, and I'm having a lot of fun with a human, THF, light armor, max CHA build. I never got the hang of Turn Undead before, but now I'm having an "ah-hah!" moment. I'm still having problems with Reaper, but running Elite with no problems at all. A few more lives and my toon will be a little stronger.

I've run Epics in the past, but the plan for now is to get completionist. I have 3 Fighter PLs, 3 Barb PLs, 3 Paladin PLs, and 1 Cleric PL. Probably Monk next, then do the specialists, and save the pure casters for last, since I suck at casting... this plan eases me into casting.