Please Expand Shard Compatibility with Various Equipment

Col Kurtz

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This shard only goes in a ring.... that shard only goes in a trinket (of course, most go in 2-3 equipment pieces)

but still, Cannith crafting feels like picking glass out of a wound , rather than a fun way to craft equipment pieces.

Mostly, I would love to see the spell lore shards become compatible to many more equipment pieces

Seems like the only thing that should be really limited are the weapon damage and effect shards. That makes sense.

Players put a lot of boring trips into the disjunction machine... at this point it should pop up with a disclaimer "don't waste your time, you probably can't make the equipment piece you need anyway:) " Yes, I 've made some stuff that is helpful> But, I really don't want to play gear tetris to do it.