Please fix Aura of Menace + Angelic Form's Ueber Aggro Magnet effect


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It is a known issue but it is more and more annoying.
Who uses Aura of Menace and/or Angelic Form immediately get the aggro through walls, corners and mobs ignore the player who goes into the mob's sight first or cause damage to them.
Just ran an r4 Saltmarsh Saga and in Swim at your Own Risk every appearing mob were immediately aggroed on an underleveled Sacred Fist Pally (lvl 28).
It is imposible to get aggro when mobs ignore Intimidate and run blindly after the one who's Angelic Form is Active.
Quests like Rosmary's Ballad (plant walls), ToEE corridors/rooms goes right into red alert or mobs assault that player ignoring other players.

Please fix this!
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a really good suggestion, to fix this kind of stuff and potentially look for other bugged\unoptimized things that send aggro\pathing haywire instead of solving nothing and do more harm than good by changing exp system.


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I seem to remember the devs talking about it before & much like trap boxes being detectable on the wrong side of walls it's due to having a simple radius & would actually take significantly more work to make walls opaque for those, or to implement line of sight - all that extra work would also be pretty heavy on additional calculations & mean more server load therefore more lag.

It might be possible to remove the ability of those auras (so long as non-damaging) to generate aggro though?