Please help . Getting error code :(


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I last played about 12 years ago . I've downloaded DDO onto my new laptop (Asus TUF f15}
I'm getting an error code ..... I'm computer illiterate so don't have a clue what is required .

Game Error [105]
Could not initialize Direct3D . Please ensure that DirectX 9.0c [dec 2005] or higher is installed [105}


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Are you on Windows 11? My friend need to downgrade to win 10 because of similar msg :D
Sorry for the late reply, I hope this helps you or anyone else who follows. It's hard to tell if this the same problem you're running into, but I've run into video problems with multiple laptops with discrete GPUs. I believe it has to do with the launcher not seeing the discrete GPU and then passing that information on the actual client, but I never cared enough to keep troubleshooting after I got it working.

Try this:

Hit win-I

On the left hit system

On the right hit display

Scroll down to graphics

Use browse to add these to programs to the list

Program files(x86)\standingStoneGames\dungeonsanddragonsonline\dndlauncher.exe

Program files(x86)\standingStoneGames\dungeonsanddragonsonline\dndclient64.exe