PN R10 Crimson Eagles and Crimson Beagles Complete!


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Good job to us all. Thank you to Snuffy, Rayna, Indy, Mimir, Eddy, James, Cfer, Azza, Zaw, Shanaynay, Avocado, and me. Good work! No Gish safe spot and post stat squish, and did right after a R8 completion. Amazing work friends!
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It was an Amazing run!!! indy has a vod on twich to see it if you want! i kissed about 75 Radient Forcefield Potions goodby in a drip to snuffy and Avacado, Gish Crits HARD.


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Nice! Congrats

Also. Would the Crimson Eagles be a reference to Raymond E Feists Midkemia books by any chance?


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Congratulations on a awesome achievement. Having regularly run raids with you over the past month it is easy for me to appreciate how much effort goes into preparing, building, equipping, and learning how to play these characters to handle these challenges.

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