Possible future packs/expansions and races/iconics/feats/universal trees that might accompany them?


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I am not too certain on these to be honest, however I would like to see this list built up further!

Planescape Expansion-Gith
Return To Ravenloft-Dhampir race and iconic, Dusk Elf variant, Vryloka?, Revenant feat, Vampire Universal Enhancement Tree
Tomb Of Annihilation-Yuan-Ti
Vecna part 3 featuring Graz'zt-Battlerager Iconic
Return To The Shadowfell Featuring The Raven Queen-Heroic Version Of The Shadar-kai race, Vryloka?, Shade
Another Coinlords Themed Pack-Goblin Race
Another Xen'drik themed pack-Thri-Kreen


Rashemen - Gray orc, new barbarian archetype, iconic gray orc barbarian, sabertooth tiger mount, miniature giant space vampire chipmunk pet


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Mind Flayer/Illithid with Iconic race also and add Psionics! (Spell Jammer)

Could expand on the Druids chain with an Acolyte of Halsaime having actually completed his task and awoken the Queen of Thorns in the Unseelie Court. (Just googled the Queen of Thorns, turns out rpggeek says there was 3 modules put out in 2010 about the Queen's attack on Cormyr so probably with copywrite won't happen.)