Pure fighter S&B Tank build?


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Electric attack is dodgable, though. Fire damage is not, and with the MRR debuff, only 100 MRR will hurt a lot (MRR scales very well in the presence of MRR debuffs, whereas absorb scales very badly in the presence of absorb debuffs, because of order of operations.)
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The railworkers boots would help. 45 ele resist, 36% elec absorb.

Getting a face full of his electric attack is never fun.
I have a set of bracers for each element, that has resist and absorb so i will typically swap those out if needed, but i agree that the electric damage is significant. I have tanked it twice on hard so far and it has held up well. I have to say, in one group I was in the Balor didnt even have time to proc his fire shield and never had to move him from position..... that was awesome dps.
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How many past lives do you have? I'd love to know. My toon is a pure fighter first-lifer and I just hit 4.8k hp, 329AC, and 387 PRR and still trying to squeeze out a bit more. I think I am doing ok for a first life tank. If you'd be willing to share your build, I'd love to see it and would appreciate it.

I was about to throw my tuppence but this is very impressive, so I better not show my lack of knowledge.

If you have these stats and 100+intim you could very well lead end game raids and run r10's as long as you know the dungeons. Just don't try to tank everything at once shield blocking in place; sometimes you have to make strategic retreats )))

I think for more HP if you're not already using it LGS set is still an option. I would say 5k+ hp is standard in r10. I once rolled a clr/pally on sun elf and hit just above 5k hp in reaper (55 points) so I know more than this could/should be done on pure fighter. Yes on second thought your HP seems a little lacking; get the latest Vecna sets and so on, and wild fortitude aug set etc etc..

For DPS'ing, and questing with a heal bot or with a dedicated healer, you can be flexible with epic destinies and enhancements.

It has always been I think, but more and more as contents are added, that the game requires / expects players to be flexible and have a good understanding of their characters' capabilities. This means switching up items all the time, enhancements and destinies as needed, playstyles too.

Not saying that you should have multiple maxed out sentient weapons, or reaper items. This is where I struggle also, as I tend to tunnel vision when I play. But having sorp itmes, dps sets, all help.

You could revamp enh tree to get the capstone in vanguard for example. Dread mantle tier 5 when you want to hurt stuff. More strikethroughs from Fury, and use Bastard Sword & board setup. In the sword you'd want melee power filigrees. And if you have any vecna/dread isle set going you could also have alternative DPS pieces.

One can do a LOT with his/her character in this game, and without / little past lives too, if they want to.


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