Pushing toward Planescape?


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If we are doing Planescape, I'd rather have Genasai. I guess there could be an issue of power creep if you had racial trees that gave elemental bonuses to spell casting, for example, all ice druids would suddenly be water Genasai. If care were taken, this is an interesting race, very magical, good appearance, and fits the theme. I'd prefer they not add psionics to the game. It will invariably be overpowered to start then will get nerfed 6 months down the road. Why go through that?
You could argue this sort of issue already exists. Most elemental casters are Dragonborn for the MCL bonuses and DCs.

Anything wanting to play with fire that doesn't innately have access to fire stripping goes Tiefling.

So honestly, I'd love to see the Genasi pop in as alternatives to both Dragonborn and Tieflings on their versatility scaling. At the very least they'd exist as alternate character models for those not wanting to play a Dragonborn or Tiefling lol.
The addition of the phlogiston completes the entire multidimensional planar travel continuum present in all the early versions of the paper game. There are no destinations from any existing material they could not now draw from if they do so, and they are adding jamming in other IP today. From a WoTC perspective long term growing the ip over the next century perspectives, there are no down sides to having such broad reach. There is a -lot- of material to draw from for all manner of digital age projects across all their licensees now and in the future.