Random crashes with no warning or error message

I've been experiencing random crashing ever since I installed DDO on my relatively new PC.

I thought it might be the infamous sound issues, but applying any of the "fixes" or running with sound disabled makes no difference. I'm pretty sure I also tried the 32 bit client when it first started with no improvements.

I did a complete reinstall yesterday and managed two hours straight with no issues so thought it might be fixed. But this morning I crashed out twice in the space of 10 minutes will standing in Hall of Heroes looking at enhancements.

The crashes are completely random. The game hitches and freezes for a second then just exits. With no error messages, I've got no clue where to start...

Does anyone have any ideas?


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As always in situations like this...check Event Viewer in windows at the time it happened. It will tell you what app failed as well as what file caused the fault. If it's an .exe, reinstall to program after a clean uninstall. If it's a .dll, remove (or in most cases just delete and it will be reinstalled on a restart)

Also consider running some system file check-ups like sfc /scannow (from CMD prompt) or DISM (again from CMD prompt). You may have some corrupt system files (happens all the time).
Thanks everyone. I've tried the suggestions and still stumped.

Event viewer says it's the ddo 64 .exe that's faulting - error code 0xc0000005. Googling has turned up nothing. Its super frustrating - 3 crashes in the space of 6 minutes tonight almost immediately after starting to play. Clean install and registry-type clean-ups haven't helped. I don't get these issues with any other apps.