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When someone posts an LFM and the message is real long, is there some trick to reading the whole message including the part that displays as just .... on the default formatting for the social panel?


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Try making the social panel wider?

I was only able to reproduce the ellipsis when I had a very long unbroken word, and even then it went away when I expanded the panel. When I broke up that long word it properly went to a new line.

The LFM description has a character limit so it shouldn't be an issue that often happens.

To specifically answer your question though, I'm not finding a way to read the whole thing if you have no way to get rid of the ellipsis.


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I had tried to move the separator between Leader Name and Quest, but not widening the whole panel. On the other hand the guy posting the message on HC has changed the wording to reduce the length.
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I know what you're talking about - like if you view an PC and their Biography is more than 'x' lines it 'disappears'.. er, yeah?