Remove "chains" aka forced completion of a series of quests to access other quests


We all know and hate them. You have to do ES1 to do ES2 to do ES3 aka King's Forest, the Drow stuff and Demonweb. Or Sharn.
People would like to run those quests but oops, "I haven't done Sharn1 yet" or "I haven't don the 1st quest". Or even Ravenloft, albeit Mists is short. Or fens, why do you have to run all 3 pre quests to run the long finale? 1 guy joins in the middle of it, now he can't do the finale or force the group to repeat quests he missed.
Remove such time wasters and grouping blockers.

This was done with the Lordsmarch quests revamp (and that revamp changed many things for the worse) and can be done with others, just don't touch those quests otherwise, don't fix what isn't broken.
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Boondocks Mike

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In a vacuum I don't agree with the idea of removing flagging or chains. If you want to run TRG p5 and only TRG p5 because its farmable for super efficient xp/min, honestly you should just buy an xp stone, I am definitely not in favor of destroying story arcs for convenience.

Flagging I have more mixed feelings on. I like the potential it has to add to making raids feel significant and like even flagging for them is something of a mini-accomplishment, even if really it's just an inconvenience. That said, everything in the game is essentially meaningless farming with no significance to it anyway so it's probably not worth it to even bother creating a flagging process, especially if it is later removed/lessened due to the undeserved inconvenience (Abbot, for example).

So I think my opinion is: erase flagging, sure. Leave chains alone.

House Elf

I like how you can run the Sharn Syndicate in almost any order (Kaer has to come after Burgandy but that sort of makes sense) and still complete the story arc. I would like it if they all worked like that.


From an RP aspect, it makes perfect sense...You have forgotten all but a little bit about your former life (EPL Feats), your mind has been pretty much wiped and, as such, you cannot remember where things are or why you are there (chain advancements).

Since this is an MMORPG, I am fine with having to re-run flagging quests, re-find teleport locations, and the like after a TR.

I'm not against flagging. It's always been a part of RPG's. But unless this is some kind've darksouls esque timeless loop the whole past life forgetting thing is entirely negated by the fact you do the same thing every single life - how many times can the abbot die? how many times can I murder the kobolds new ringleader, why is he still a level 2 and living in the same exact spot and how tf does he fix that door so often...?


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So create a game that is open world, RPG, and MMO. Problem solved.

Such a game does not exist... the closest, IMHO, would be some of the PW's from NWN.


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Tough to get a necrothread going when these forums are still so new, but this is definitely a necrotopic. It has been suggested before and always the answer is no. Many people don't mind the chains because it is part of the story you are telling and thus makes sense. If you don't want to do them there are plenty of standalone quests in the game.