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I have a level 24 Cleric from eveningStar/underdark era but they didn't have domains then and I would like to return but is it possible to get a domain? I would like to just level to 30 and then er tr but if I don't have a domain then I'll likely need to tr now.

Possible to fix it?


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Hey! Welcome back!
Yes, you can have a domain. You can use the free quest to swap a Feat, or use a Lesser Heart of the Wood or as you said - level to 30 and do an Epic TR back to 20, it will function as a free Lesser Reincarnation.

If your cleric is a Morninglord (Iconic Cleric race) you will have to level to 30 before do an Iconic True Reincarnation.
If your cleric is a non-Iconic race you will be able to True Reincarnate at level 20.


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This was a first life for me and i had been grinding shroud and other stuff at the time, didn't have iconic then either. Thanks for your help.


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At the time Domains were introduced, applicable clerics were given free lesser hearts of wood for exactly that purpose. You should have one in your inventory.


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Welcome back!

A LOT has changed - be sure you find a solid, current build to follow, blaster or melee (your call) - see the /Cleric subforum for modern examples.

You might want also want to consider just TR'ing, taking the Cleric (or Racial?) past life bonus, and starting over w/ a 34 pt build, to re-learn the changes from the start. 24 i close-ish to 30, but you have some demanding questing ahead of you. If you don't have great gear, this would give you a chance to farm some up while you level (or farm it now and then TR - lots of variations).