Returning player looking for guild on Ghallanda.


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Hey all, just recently started playing with a couple of friends. Looking for a guild who doesn't have high requirements for members and is willing to accept a casual player. Group might stay together for multiple lives, or it might be a simple 1 life and people end up bored.

It's been awhile since I've played DDO, and I'm definitely not up to date on a lot of the new things. I've played DDO off and on for years(pre-motu) on another server, but the group I'm with picked Gland as the one to run on, so I thought I'd look for a guild so I could assist with buffs for the levelling process.


Hi, Taxes is good for casual players. No requirements. Have full ship buffs and Discord if want to use it. As an open guild can always leave if want to try others and will always be welcome back when you find no one talks :). Have decent number of players so guild is active 24/7. Many f2p casual as well as the hardcore grinders. Guild chat is reasonably active and people are willing help builds/gear farming/reaper xp grind etc.... if want to use it. Only reason we lose few players is no regular guild raid nights at the moment that will change soon. Ask any of our members or send me a tell am most often on Atali. I can post them if needed if leave msg here. We have a few members that are non English speaking so if dont get response please just try others.
Or have a look at the Tys Paladium site and if you like us you get the same buffs as above and get to join the friendliest guild on G-land. Lots of guildies, originators of the Fellowship , always someone on,and always happy to help out. If that sounds your cup of tea then look out for Pardoner (me) Rocky, Paksenarion, Commodore, or any of the guild and well see you in guild asap


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Welcome back!

Taxes and Tyrs are both great. If you're still looking, another option is Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda. We are new player friendly, and we raid regularly, and have a wide variety of players and playstyles of all levels and goals.