Safely parking a character


Sometimes one of the party members cannot play that night so we park him at the entrance to capitalize on our work (think they call it piking). Sometimes mobs come and kill him. What are some ways to keep him safe? Invis and hiding has helped. Any other ideas? It would be great if there was a way they could auto-defend or auto-attack.


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no auto defend/attack outside of third party programs, but I'm pretty sure it violates TOS.

If the party isn't full could grab a healing hire and set them on auto/defend on that character.


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It is generally called boxing when you are running someone else's account - piking is when you have an active player who is afk (or lazy, or slow, etc) and just stays at the beginning of a quest. Essentially the same thing but pikers will release out of quests themselves - you are not running their account.

It has been around forever and afaik isn't against the TOS, or if it does it is generally ignored. Many players will set up 2 accounts and dual box them through lives to get both accounts past lives so I don't see any difference.

As for the original question, it all depends on the quest. Some quests will respawn mobs at the beginning so parking won't help much. You may need to find a safe spot somewhere else and park them. Invis and sneaking will help but your friend just may have to accept a few deaths as a price for getting free XP when they are not playing.


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Summon a Hireling or two - and set them to "Guard" that person's character?
Memorize Dimension Door and zip back to the front door of the quest if you notice they start taking damage?

That's it. I'm outta ideas.


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mh... there are very few quests where the entrance isn't safe.

though I also like to make my boxed alts auralocks so they can heal and dps while afk

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Dang! 😭 I thought the thread title was Safely Piking a Character. So I only came on for some tips... 😂

Dying and getting carried as a soulstone is a pretty good form of piking when you think about it though. 😉👍

Why not see if you can get them killed at the start and carry their stone along... 😁👍