Sales: July 3rd - 11th


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So far this new DDO Market that was supposed to be better only brought us a lot of trash... Less payment options, removed gifting option (no more codes when you buy pack), no access from certain countries, Expansion packs disappearing into the Trove, Starter Pack still not back, Expansion upgrades that don't work during sales...

This is where SSG should be making their money...


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One way that this could be handled, although not a good way, is for SSG to offer part refunds for anybody that wants to upgrade the SaltMarsh expansion. Refunding the differences between the upgrade price and the full discounted price. This would mean that customers would have to wait for the refund and it would increase work for the support team.


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That's why from beginning of dark and darker beta and now dungeonborn I play there was w8ing for some good sale/deal that will give me motivation to play but SSG kill it


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These punishments are the reason why I stop being VIP for the last several years, and now we learn by experience that it is not convenient to buy standard expansions if you intend to buy ultimate for later. DDO was never good at these transactions, guys. Sorry for those affected.
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