Samurai is recruiting


New member
Samurai a cheerful international based lvl 200 Guild is open for new members.

Join us for a DDO adventure beyond the leveling, prone to falling off cliffs, running into traps, dead but still look sexy, solving and learning. As well as mature, helpful or funny/sarcastic guild chats.
We are more a kind of a family/friends guild and not a XXL guild. We have experienced long-time players and newer players
Our active members, make regular dungeons, raids, reaper runs and more. We like to play as team, with friends and other guilds or doing things alone.
We have no obligation to be online regularly or at certain times.
In addition, you also get access to our Guild airship Daedalean Kraken, which has some great buffs. Like a bar with dirty kobold, broccoli juice and food. ;)

Send a tell in-game to Radenwinz, Abyssum/Kimaris, Serasam/Ramasa, Tristram/Dauneth, Terasita, Xonus, Soldoxi, Sylvaniusv, Vandalph, Sessile, Tinabula, Denraag, Karkang, Fraet, Nogatu, Nimnode, Foden, Flubrette, Testusbuild
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