Scourge for AA bard?


I am considering, for an upcoming TR, a paralyzing archer build, on a support chassis. The classic for that is war domain cleric or favored soul, but I imagine bard works - and can stack enchantment DC higher. Scourge would be handy to skip over a lot of levels where the character would be pretty weak, and the mandatory ranger level actually works out very nicely - as does the wisdom bonus.
As an aside, I don't have the past lives for enough bonus racial points to make an Elf or Half-Elf version very doable, since you'd need t5 spellsinger, t4 AA, and enough Falconry for Wis to hit and possibly damage already, plus whatever you feel is needed for survivability.

A few questions on the concept:
* Ranger 4 or Ranger 6? The idea is to go t4 in AA and t5 in spellsinger, so 5+ levels would be only there for the bonus feat at 6 (for which we could skip the prerequisites).
* If we go Ranger 4, we can go Bard 15 or 16. B15 means inspire heroics, and B16 means 6th level spells. Either is probably better than B14 (courage +2), R 4, Monk 2. The build *is* feat-shy, so a splash of some kind certainly has appeal.
* Are there chassis other than Cleric, Bard or FVS worth considering? I imagine pure ranger 20 would not compare, but I'd happily take advice on that or other combinations. Maybe there's a way to reinvent the monk archer?

Thank you. 🥰