Should I get +fortification items as Pale Master ?


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Hey guys,

Pale Master's undead forms say they add "100% critical resistance". It does not actually say "fortification", so now I'm in doubt if some enemies can in fact bypass this or not. I mean, is it just 100% fortification, or it actually makes you totally immune to critical hits?

In other words:

1) Worth getting more +fortification items/abilities as Pale Master to prevent fortification bypass?
2) Which exact enemies can actually bypass fortification? (champions, red names, etc ?)
3) How much fort. is enough for Elite?
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I think all enemies get fortification bypass equal to their CR.
With some enemies getting a little extra on top of that.
There are even a few enemies who have a "destruction" effect on hits that temporarily lowers your fortification.

Can anyone confirm?


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You probably won't need more than 100% fortification as a PM, because they are practically immortal below R5 (the only thing that will probably kill you is a Plague Reaper that gets too close), but that said I slot a Heavy Fortification augment simply because it's part of my universal gear.

There are champs that will bypass all fortification, regardless of how much you have.

If you for some reason you have to choose between more fort or negative amp, always take the namp. More namp (or more negative spellpower) will overcome pretty much any weakness in your defenses in paper. The bulk of your defense is jumping around so not much hits you anyway, and (almost) instantly heal any damage you do end up taking.