Small trick to speed up taking items from tr cache ...


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Why in the world there isn't a one-click button to move all items from the TR cache to inventory and bank makes no sense to me.

That aside. I was going through a TR and it was taking a minimum of 10 seconds for each item to move from TR cache to inventory. Utterly painful experience.

I restarted the client and logged back in, and the item transfer was near instantaneous. This was a pleasant discovery.

Not sure if this is a fluke or not, but next time you TR and are dealing with the superior intelligently designed inventory system and our edgelord TR cache system, and it's going slower than molasses in winter ... a relog might help.


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An improvement to the TR Cache system would be top of my list .... takes an hour to get a HTR/RTR fully done
Don't improve it. Remove it. The only reason it exists is because inventory can shrink on TR and might leave gear stranded in midair. So, make the favor gains to inventory permanent. Voila. TR cache is no longer required. Deal with worn-gear issues by not permitting TR unless the character is naked.


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It takes me a lot longer than an hour to do any TR that involves the cache.

This is probably because of my dual-addiction to crafting and cosmetics. I pick up a fair number of double augment loots each life and maybe a few cosmetics as well and that causes me to go through my wardrobe and crafting storage alts and ditch older stuff in favor of the newer stuff.

I'm working on hour 5 of my upcoming ITR at this point. I might have the energy to login and finish the process at some point this week.


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The devs are afraid to touch that code, which seems to be especially tangled.
Hence why removing it would be a good thing. Of all the possible "optimizations" for a untangling a cats-cradle, scissors always works.


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A button to auto move Btc items from TR Cache to Character bank would help a lot here. Eliminate that much of the drag and drop.


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issues with an auto system
1. Enough open space for all items in the TR Cache
2. Exclusive Items

I'm all for a better system for inventory, especially one that doesn't require emptying between TRs.

My current workaround is that I don't TR cache items that character doesn't need, instead I move it to the alternate characters - The ones not TRing


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Or you could just hit the "remove all" button in the TR bank to remove all the items there into your inventory.


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If you have a gaming mouse you can create a macro for that - I have a macro that double clicks every 2 seconds -> I empty my inventory, hover mouse over the first cache item, start the macro, go for a walk with dogs, wash dishes, watch movie, cook dinner, do the laundry -> when I come back I am almost halfway there without any manual clicking ;)
It took me a number of lives before I realized that you could double click the item to put it into your inventory. That was a game changer.

Also, just finally realizing that 80% of my cache was just nostalgia items which allowed me to throw away 50% of it :)


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I like to work from the bottom up. You can click three or four items ahead and they will eventually get moved. You start at the bottom so when an item moves it doesn't reorganize the whole bank. Just the one on the bottom is removed and the one above it will be in the same place so the mouse click on the one above doesn't get messed up. I click on the bottom, then click the next one above it, as soon as the one on the bottom moves, click on the next one above that. It doesn't really speed things up, but it make sure you are moving along at the fastest possible speed.


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I also like to put this out when I see any post about getting rid of the TR cache just so people know. Using the TR cache is entirely an option at this point. You don't have to use it. Why do people use it? Because it is sooooo much better than any alternative out there. Is it a pain? Yes. Very much so. But is it helpful? YES! VERY, VERY MUCH SO! Otherwise you wouldn't use it.

Here is how to get rid of your TR cache if you really want to. Buy a bunch of shared bank space. Buy a bunch of character banks space. Move everything from the TR cache to the shared bank space or the character banks space. If you run out of room, delete things.

Now, BEFORE you TR the next time, move everything off of your character into the shared bank space or the character bank space. If you got too much stuff then delete things from your inventory, the character bank, or the shared bank. Then TR and voila, no more TR cache.

Now, if you are thinking, but I have too much stuff, the whole point is I have too much stuff and I don't want to delete it. Well guess what, the TR cache is the thing that allows that to happen.

Getting rid of the TR cache means you HAVE to do what I just said above. You HAVE to delete items or buy more space.


You will not get this deal in any form from SSG I can guarantee it. You WILL NOT get any FREE bank space. But the TR cache IS free bank space.

It comes with one string, it is a pain to deal with before your next TR. It comes with one very good upside, you have a BUNCH of extra free BTC bank space. The alternative to the TR cache is to buy a lot of banks space and delete stuff you don't need.

If you don't want to use the TR cache then don't.

But please don't call for it to simply be removed. I can guarantee that many, many people will be very, very upset. Including a lot of you who call for it to be removed. Don't use it if you don't want to. No one is making you. If you are still using it it is because it is very useful to you, but you only see the down side and not the up side.


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I often see the suggestion to make the tabs earned from Coin Lords and Kundarak favor permanent, which would be awesome.

However, it’s usually presented as an alternative to the TR Cache (i.e., get rid of the cache). This would be a bad idea for some people.

It is possible for someone to have enough BtC items that they have very few empty slots available for adventuring without having to run to sell loot after every quest. Sure, they can just delete items, but some people may not want to delete their stuff. Not all players are the same.


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The gaming mouse with a macro is a great idea, thank you. I'll look into that.

And yes, a 'remove all' button would be awesome ... it'd have to move things from the TR cache into inventory AND the bank.

Having less items for TRing is also savvy. My current main has less than 100 items total, it takes about 15 minutes to TR.

As for sorting by levels, that never really sped things up for me. I'll try it out again though.

But one trick that has worked is to start the clicking process from the bottom of the list.


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The TR cache is a *huge* problem in terms of bank performance. The various overlay systems on the basic DDO character is a *huge* problem in terms of login and then overall performance after login.

This game is drowning trying to keep up with the overhead that all of the overlays produce.

I can't imagine what this is like for groups because it is immediately noticeable for solo players.