Smash and Burn


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Hey guys, any chance you could do the Sealed in Amber treatment to Smash and Burn?

Like, make killing the forgewraiths the mandatory objective and destroying all special cargo optionals? Smash and Burn is the annoying one that everyone grunts to do and everyone would benefit of a quest not being annoying, even more considering that everything else in Cogs is so straightforward!


Scourge of Xaos
It's a five minute quest. The annoying part is not having open lock.
Just go to the middle of that room, up top, and you can see all spawn locations (except the one you run into as you climb the ladder to get on top)


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For me, the annoying part is the hoard of halfling archers/ranged characters spread out that slowly trickle into combat... just when you think you've killed them all *thunk* another arrow in the rear.