Solution for waterfall lag found

Alrik Fassbauer

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Hello everyone,

I *think* someone hinted me towards that in ye olde forum, but through experimenting I found out this :

From experimenting I just found out that the graphics option "ENVIRONMENT STENCIL SHADOWS" was causing me troubles - lag , which made the game nearly unplayable within the quest "The Stone Crypt Cronicle" on the Isle Of Dread - as I suspected, very likely caused by the waterfall.

Now, that I've turned that one off, all lag is gone.

I suspect that this might be true for *all* waterfalls within DDO.

Anyone having lag within quests which have waterfalls might try out this.

I have no idea why this is so; I also suspect that this might trouble only somewhat older graphics cards.

For the record, I have had these troubles with my NVidia GeForce GT 730



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The water jumping section in Saltmarsh's Down you go always gets choppy and make the jumps lag out, I'll have to toggle that off in there and see how it does.


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I think you can bring up your FPS within the UI options? It might not be lag so much as frame drop. CTRL-F I think?