Sparks and sentient gems


Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone can tell me if sparks can be removed from sentient gems? I have been working on my first sentient item and I pulled a spark of memory from White Plume Mountain and applied it to my gem. However, I found a new gem that I like the voice of a lot better and would like to start leveling the new gem instead but before I purchase the tool kits to remove the filigrees, I was wondering if the spark could be removed as well or do I have to farm for a new spark?

I checked wiki and google but I can only find how to remove the filigrees and the gem iteself, no info on whether or not the sparks can be removed.


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You can't just remove the spark. iirc, feeding a jewel with a spark in it will apply that spark to the new jewel; but it's been ages since I tried so I could be wrong. I wouldn't worry about it much, by the time you've feed enough sent XP items to the jewel whose voice you like better for it to matter, you'll likely have farmed out a new spark anyways.


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It is correct that the spark will transfer from the old gem to the new gem when you feed the old gem to the new.

But, if the new gem does not have any sparks it will not have room for all the XP on the old gem if that gem has more than 60 000XP.

So unless you give the new gem enough sparks to take all the XP from the old gem you will loose everything over 60 000XP but have a new gem with the same sparks as the old.


Thank you all very much for the answers! Being able to feed the old gem to the new gem and have it gain the new spark is great. I appreciate all of you taking the time to help me out. Cheers and have a great day!