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This is probably a loaded question, but here goes anyway. In your opinion what are the best, must have Artificer spells by level?


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Especially when running in a group - Weapon Buffs.

However, they are also good for solo play as well.


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GEW, Deadly, PEI, Radiant forcefield, flame turret, lightning motes, repair/heal vials, other weapon buffs, tac det, blade barrier, resist energy, insightful damage, more stuff...


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Level 1: Conjure Bolts, Resist Energy, light repair and light admixture.
Level 2: Moderate Repair, Elemental Weapons, Lightning Sphere (last one more on casters)
Level 3: Turret, Adamantine, Repair, Blast Rod
Level 4: Greater Elemental Weapons, Armor of Speed, Repair Critical
Level 5: Cure Critical, Planar Weapons, Prismatic Strike
Level 6: Reconstruct, Tact Det, Deadly Weapons, Chain Lightning, Arcane Tempest