Spell Penetration


Hi, can someone tell me at what is the minimum useful amount of spell penetration for Legendary R6-10?

I'm about to swap an item and lose my single source of Spell Penetration (+8) and I don't know if it's worth replacing it with an augment.

Most of my spells are damage dealing so really its only Greater Color Spray and Finger of Death that are affected. They work OK at the moment.


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mid-high 50's will get most sr stuff; high 60's-low 70's will cover the drow/shavarath devils in morgrave q


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thing about spell pen is the check is caster level+ bonus to spell pen + d20, so ideally have 40+ to bonus spell pen so u can hit the drow in tethy and drow/devils in KT on r1, but if u have ~20-30 then u can hit almost everything except those 2 things (and at 30 u have ~50% chance to hit them on hard, elite+ bigger issue)