Stealth wort geting at all?

I have been play my ranger and started a rogue.. i cant really see anything other than 1 quest where having high move silently is worth the points. And the prophets see my lvl 26 ranger not matter how high his stealth is at. Is it broken? If your soloing as a sneak. (which is all there is in this game..rarely see anyone grouping) you really dont have time to sneak around due to all the mobs,


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Weazlelips, there are some easier quests to stealth than "Stealthy Repossession" around that 'Quest Level'. Ones you can use Sneak to get to the final destination using devious tactics. You have to observe how the "Prophets" wander around to get the best 'window of opportunity' regarding pulling levers or opening doors.

Stealthy Repossession can be tricky; if you are trying to keep ALL the prophets alive, and get the 25 kills prior to completion [Post #384].



Level 4: The Saint: Stealthy Repossession, all prophets alive, 25 kills.​

R.O.G.U.E Part Quatre: Call for Stealthy Players – (DYWYPI) said:
[...] I made good use of skulduggery; since my stealth skills weren't as fluid as they should have been. I wasn't on my normal Assassins so lacked any useful gear... I'll give you a hint of what I did when things went "a little ill" with the Prophets tracking me, near the start.

"A blind Kobold Prophet will not thank you for a looking-glass." >;-) ...

The Kobold Prophets with the quest: Stealthy Repossession, have good Listen skills. However, it's easy enough to Sneak behind one and shadow it, without it noticing you.

Pulling generic Levers within DDO doesn't make any audible sound to alert monsters, it's just purely game sound effects... It is actually coming out of Sneak for the duration; to pull the said lever that can alert monsters to your presence. The Lever itself doesn't make any sound when pulled as far as the dungeon inhabitants are concerned.

Furthermore, (due to current illogical "(mis)behaviour" of the some of the monsters) it's likely within the quest; illogical "chain-reaction aggravation" can already be in effect, but unnoticeable until coming out of Sneak. Thus, several monsters [Kobolds] can already be (telepathically aware) purely because you had passed by them previously – even if they'd never been "alerted" to your presence, think scent trail and bloodhounds. ;-)

If you don't have a naturally stealthy Character but still don't want to alert the whole mountainside. Then I would suggest removing select targets via ranged methods. The Prophet at the Gong before the closed gate is prime candidate for neutralisation. He has a large circling patrol area (wide 360 degree angle) and is in close proximity to other mobs at a chokepoint. After that gate is opened (lever in other room area) most of the other Prophets are fairly easy to slip past. You don't need super high Hide and Move Silently skills. The main thing; is to know how the Prophets function and where they can and cannot detect you. If you have access to Invisibility that will help if you aren't moving, e.g. near the Levers.

The quest even has mechanics to prevent some mobs from travelling past a certain area (invisible wall in one place) so you can pick them off at range to lower Dungeon Alert. However, if you recklessly plan on just rushing through without killing: Dungeon Alert will likely get you harried in no time at all. It's not easy to stealth with minimal (or low Prophet) kills but once you learn where the Prophet's "blind spots" are it makes it tonnes easier. :ninja:

PS: Weazlelips, as some consolation, a lot of the people that have read this thread have never managed to complete Stealthily Repossession using stealth methods. Nor will they have successfully kept all the Prophets alive (regardless of trash kills) via sneaking. Some wouldn't even be able to manage to sneak through it with Epic Characters (because it's your timing and position that counts and not the Hide score) so don't be too disheartened if you have trouble with it.
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The 'Move Silently' skill can help prevent mobs from hearing your approach when in Sneak, if you are playing a Rogue Assassin and want to use stealth, it is worth investing in Hide and Move Silently to help your Sneak ability.

[...] When you Solo play Assassin, you make plenty of observations about your environment and how the groups of mobs are positioned or moving, etc. You'll also have to learn to be patient and watch your chosen "mark" and make your deadly strike count.

It's generally not advisable to blindly rush around and aggravate large mobs; since you'd be potentially losing your valuable Sneak Attack bonus, when more than one monster tries to pound you.

An Assassin will typically separate a single monster from the large group via Bluff, or know your limitations on how many mobs your Rogue can handle toe-to-toe if it goes pear-shaped. You won't get Assassinate until: Level 12. So before then you should be learning how to approach mobs without being detected by the main group – picking off lone stragglers or learning how to separate them.

Learn to thin-out and control dangerous groups; so you don't get hemmed in, as that can lead to a fast and stupid death...

You should make good use of Sneak as it will allow you to get very close to your specific target (choose which foe you want to fight) in many cases and dispatch them more efficiently, without alerting the whole dungeon.

If you're playing in a group you typically have the luxury of the other players generating the aggravation, still you want to be flanking and backstabbing. Albeit in groups you don't typically need to be moving in Sneak that often once mob combat has commenced. You still do not want aggravation from the mobs if you can help it. Since you are meant to deal swift massive 'Sneak Attack' damage, and not waste your time trying to slowly wear down an opponent with endless puny swings.

I exclusively play Assassins when at Epic and the majority of the time I'll solo them.

I'm not really into the hardcore "minimum kill discreet stealth runs" I tend to clear all the mobs rather than leave them living. However, within the 'R.O.G.U.E Part Quatre: Call for Stealthy Players!' thread, I obviously wanted most of my kills being provided via Misadventure, [Post #375].

Don't spend too much time in Sneak mode; when in within a group, which is very inefficient. You should be able to get plenty of kills and Sneak attack damage within a group situation and also regularly Assassinate. That's assuming you are doing a quest level difficulty you can handle.

If you've never dealt with traps before then of course you will be a little slower. Albeit you should be still getting plenty of melee action, and you should be able to help debuff some bosses.

The Sneak [button] now seems to be mostly just cosmetic with regards to Assassinate. Because you can stroll up to your amoeboid Ooze opponent (that has no vitals and already can sense you). Aggravate it; get it swinging wildly at you; begin using /dance to annoy it more... Tell it a joke about /death count, ask it "Do you come here often?" ...

Then simply Click Sneak, it will likely miss you, and then hit Assassinate resulting in; a pretty much dead Ooze! ...

Like I explained, even in group play, it's useful to have sufficient Sneak ability for an Assassin.


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ok tyvm..will specc a cple more points into patience :)
You can enjoy Stealth to some degree, the game is not working right with, aggro and Stealth, if you are going to go into Reaper difficulty.
It is still possible as long as they first don't detect you.
I usually can go into Stealth, Invis(scroll) and Greater Invis(Shadow Phase clicky) to open the first door in Whispers of Return in Reaper 10 without being detected to sneak past mobs and go to right side and open 2nd door to have shrine available to rez in case you get taken out.
So Move Silently and Hide are still useful, it's just once your detected it takes alot of effort to be "undetected with the way Dungeon Aggro all of a sudden gets turned on and mobs magically can see you even behind new corridors you snuck to. Then it's just a matter of persistently staying in Stealth and jumping over mobs or jump-moving off to the side to reposition yourself at another area.
If you want to be more defensive, cast(scroll) Shadow Walk and click Dark Discorporation(clicky) before Assassinating.


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Move silent and hide of 19 are sufficient for Stealthy.

MOST of the quest is reliant on timing. Follow the prophet, use the lever and re-stealth before he turns around.

Note: do NOT move if stealth isn't active because any prophet in the area WILL hear you and will wake up all surrounding mobs by banging on the alarm gong.


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If you don't invest in Move Silently and Hide, you'll never know which quests they are useful in. I've done many solo lives as a DEX based Rogue with both skills in the low 100s. There are plenty of mobs you can skip, including reapers. But the game isn't going to make it easy for you. It requires trial and error (lots of error) to figure out what works and what doesn't.


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There's a few side benefits specifically to high move silently:
  • Monsters that spawn when you walk near them are often triggered by a listen check. In sneak mode with high move silent, they won't spawn.
  • Some traps, like the ones in Undermine in Lordsmarch, won't be triggered if in sneak mode with high move silent


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Bottom line is no. You cant sneak in reaper, in epics mobs got true seeing, in legendary nobody is going to wait for you anyway.


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If you mostly run in groups, stealth will be *mostly* useless, but there are some exceptions.
  • Assassins need to sneak to pull off assassinate, and gain other benefits if they sneak
  • Sometimes there's a required lever, key, etc that you can sneak to faster than the party can kill everything guarding it
  • If you enter late or fall behind a group that zerged past monsters, it might be safer to sneak
  • The aforementioned monsters or traps triggered by a listen check
  • Recovering from a wipe, you can sometimes grab stones or get close enough for a resurrection scroll in sneak mode
One thing to keep in mind: sneaking is *slow*, even with faster sneaking enhancements. If you plan to sneak with any regularity, one of those enhancements would be highly recommended (available in the Deepwood Stalker, Ninja Spy and Assassin Rogue enhancement trees).


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Bottom line is no. You cant sneak in reaper, in epics mobs got true seeing, in legendary nobody is going to wait for you anyway.
Reapers will pretty much always find you in reaper, and many champions have true seeing, but not all of them. If you take the time to examine a champ, you can see if it has true seeing. However, while true seeing sees through invis, it does nothing for high hide/move silent scores in sneak mode.


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There are certain Reapers you can sneak past if your Hide and Move Silently is high enough. R8-10.
Doom Reapers, and I believe also Veng or Fear, there is a second reaper, just can't remember off the top of my head right now.
In order to keep up with group you can sneak jump and use Sprint Boost, make sure you have Thief Acrobat Fast Movement Enhancement and if you can stomach it scroll yourself Shadow Walk, you will out run the group but Warning! you will leave a trail of Hate PUGs wondering why your annoyingly faster.


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Try being an injured assassin in a port city and you'll know what I mean. Especially a female one. I had to kill a few people before those dockland scum would leave me alone.

Like was mentioned above; Sneak ability (Hide and Move Silently), is not affected by 'True Seeing', and you can still sneak up on Beholders using Sneak. Remember the stealthy still can't bypass 'Tremor Sense' anyway...

The Oozes (Ochre Jelly) in 'Garl's Tomb' and 'The Troglodytes' Get' are some of the best "trackers" in the game! It's amazing how far they will faithfully travel to reach you. The early ones will go around corridors, climb up stairs continue following on, out of the room, along the passages... their range is crazy. All that time they are "locked on" to your position. They'll likely travel well over a few hundred metres in the hopes of digesting you.

Initial mob density, placement, and how they communicate and transfer their built-up aggravation state level onto their nearby allies. Resulting in chain reaction tends to be the main issue in most cases.