Steelmaiden - U60

with con 14 and intim 20 augments available, would it be better to slot in 2 more absorptions
All my augment slots are filled. When I find 2 free slots that might be an option. Though to be honest I will probably not revamp my gear until the next expansion.


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Now that I've gotten my tank a bit closer to where I want it to be, I'm really curious what value you see in the heavy AC approach. My impression was that AC only works in a few raids (VOD and other older raids). Is this wrong? Do you find it's useful somewhere else? Otherwise, it seems like you give up a lot.


If I may ask, What am i missing as far as large shield and and dodge? I am under the impression they are exclusive.


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Thank you, it seems i was not in class that day. :ROFLMAO:
Tower shields do cap Dodge as they limit the dex bonus, which in turn limits Dodge.

And the reason why I would go with medium instead of heavy. But I never went as far out as OP does.

Kudos for that OP, those numbers are insane!