Store Sales: November 16th - 23rd


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Crafting Success Boosters
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Now through November 23rd!

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Now through November 23rd!​


Some feedback: I believe this sale is quite badly timed.
Reason: Last week was bonus crafting XP week. People who just wanted to level their crafting skill are likely to have finished doing so and won't need any boosters or essences for now
Timing this sale with last week's crafting XP bonus bonus so they run concurrently makes far more sense to me.

I hope your marketing team finds this helpful.


Beautifully timed sale this one is. Make sure when you run your next XP event you put the pots on sale the following weekend also.... Oh and thank god for those charisma pots don't know what I would have done without them lol

DDO Gaming

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Personally I'd like to see SSG start selling mixed packs of potions eg slayer, XP and crafting XP. Packs are probably the most obvious ommission from the DDO store

DDO Gaming

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Not sure if the DDO store technology is capable but how about...gamers creating their own packs upto $xyz value? eg +2 strength +2 charisma tome pack?

That really would be a plus plus benefit especially with black friday almost upon us