Stuck Installing Pre-Reqs on Lamannia Launcher


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I'm getting stuck at Installing Pre-Reqs on the Lamannia launcher. Normal game launcher works fine.

Tried resetting internet, restarting computer, re-installing client, running as admin, using no proxy, using system proxy settings.

Anyone know a fix for this?


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Mine's doing the same. . .no idea what's up with it.

Running the repair bit from the download seems to fix it.


Community Manager
We have made a change that should resolve this issue for people, let me know if you are still unable to access Lamannia.


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Though most of the time bug reports and feedback don't elicit change because Lam-land is not a testing server, it's a PREVIEW server. The main intent behind lamania is to let those of us who want to, to be able to preview new stuff before it goes live.

I'm not saying our feedback is never taken. Sometimes it is (especially when the devs specifically ask for it). Hence the inclusion of the words "most of the time".