Sunday night guild nights. Make an alt. Max level six. Hook up. All servers, all guilds.


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Come join the one and only DDO championship. The champion is being part of the team, having fun and bringing caring to new DDO players. All servers are recommended to participate. Get off your main characters. Discover the joys of others and the joys of noob again. Love your game. Love each other. Promote the life of Our Game. Here on Sarlona, our guild does just that. A Character Relationship provides young players with a guild event on Sunday nights. If you wander over to Sarlona on Sunday nights, come join the fun. Love to you all from me.
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Sounds interesting but who do you contact and what are the details? I play on Sarlona and have alt toons on a couple of the other servers. On sarlona Chieftinker is my main. On Thelanis Chiefvisgoth