Switching Runearm = repeating crossbow not firing bug

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Ok I went back and checked. this is the right bug.
If you are using button2 steering, after changing runearms you must press and release button 2 or your equipped heavy repeater will not fire.
(this means releasing button 1&2, selecting different runearm from hotbar with button1, then press and release button2, then press button2 to begin steering, and button1 to begin firing again.)
Changing runearms from hotbar seems to make heavy repeaters inopperable until button 2 is pressed and released? sound right?

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.I was wondering if anyone else noticed this.
I played on my old "Arti" on Sarlona yesterday, in order to try out the epic destiny I just bought, the "everyone can rune-arm" one.

I was switching back and forth through her "gotta collect them all" collection of rune-arms and noticed the following:

while equipped with a heavy repeater and while steering (holding down button 2) if I changed rune-arm (releasing button 1 [while holding button 2] to select said rune-arm with that button from hot-bar), If I continued firing (pressing button 1 again and either release /press or holding it down) no projectiles or damage would occur (until I released button 2 and 1 and then pressed them down again)
So switching rune-arms stopped the repeater from firing but the rune arm would fire (when I pressed my fire-RA button).

only after releasing all pressed mouse buttons and re-pressing them caused the repeater to fire.

I know... complicated.
Maybe it is my setup, mouse/keyboard interfering with each other, but I have used this setup before with no problems till the Wednesday update.
For Years. Switched rune-arm and continued to fire. Switched weapon-set and continued to fire. switched anything, used a spell, used a pot and nothing confused my heavy repeater till now.

So am I experiencing a new bug?
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When I switch runearms from hotbars, also my cosmetic weapon disappears and have to equip another cosmetic weapon to see something in my hand