Taint of Shadow testing/info


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There was some confusion the other day about what blocks the instakill and what doesn't when fighting shadows.

some shadows (not all, but some of them) have the ability to inflict the Taint of Shadow on you. They also reduce your strength by 1 when they hit you. If your strength reaches 0 while Taint of Shadow is on you, you instantly die.

I took a level 32 abyss-lock in softcore to heroic Orchard of the Macabre and let some shadows there beat on me.

Abyss form not active, wearing lifesealed item (same as deathblock): takes str damage, dies at 0 str.
Abyss form active (counts as undead): Immune to str damage* = safe
Abyss form not active, cast Deathward: Immune to str damage* = safe
Abyss form not active, cast Spawn Screen: takes str damage, does NOT die at 0 str (but you do become helpless at 0, you can move but cannot act)

So until you are able to get deathward reliably on you, or an undead form, spawn screen is the next best thing (on hardcore, where death matters).

* strength damage from shadows. Other sources of strength damage not tested in this scenario
That's what always confuesed me. Necro 2 is THE place for spawnscreen but there are so many wraith in those quests, that dispel you, you can't rely on spawnscreen at all.