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Saw this thread pop up under my notifications from a new post. Did this whole thing just fizzle out? Or have raids been getting run each week?
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I am willing to teach more raids, if need be. But I'd like to point out that we have established raid groups that take on new people and are willing to teach them mechanics or whatever they want to know.
While these are not teaching raids specifically, these are a good environment to learn. You have a knowledgeable core group that can help new people. The only thing new people need to do is tell the raid leader that they are new and like instructions or explanations. You find most of them in the Orien (Raiding) Discord.

For this you can try to join these regular raid groups:
- Spug
- Thazara's
- Armament of Shadow
- Uncle Aebro's
- Gathering of Shadows
- Nuber
- Old Curiosity Shop
- End of Days
- Subpar
- Helter Skelter
- The Original Brotherhood
- ...
and I am sure I missed some more.

as stated here many guilds already do this. just ask anyone from any of the guilds listed here. As the leader of TOB we are always posting pug raids and will always take 1st timers. all that is needed is just ask anyone in any of the above guilds here. Also on a side note Tob has been posting mid to r10 raids pug style for the players that want to up their game and are in guilds that is no where near their focus (TOB is also looking to add players looking for push raiding. Our times right now are 1 pm est on sunday's reg raids are still random and often lol)


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So I can setup something this week if need just let me know what riads you want to learn. My guild and I with get 6 of our own and fill with 6 pugs that never done raid of your choice. This will be hosted via the TOB discord channel. Link will be given in game. Dm any TOB member for link.
TOB takes great pride in teaching others.
Times will be 5 pm to 8 est or any time Saturday during est day time hours