The 9th Season of the Hardcore League begins December 6th!


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Prior seasons of HC had an epic/heroic lockout where you couldn't enter heroic quests while epic levels. Reaper mode (on live) used to have this same epic/heroic lockout for this that was removed with u59. So what's the lockout mechanic for HC now in regards to this? Will I be able to run Vecna lvl 18 heroic quests at lvl 20 or do I have to them all before taking 20 like prior seasons?

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To be fair this one so easy people will be done with it in like a week or two.
Yep i will be hitting just for extra ddo points on favor, might go to 3k on free to play account, thats about it.

Someone mention hardcore x in the thread, will likely do the same sort of thing there unless there is a reward of value, i hope they continue hardcore if not just for the extra easy ddo points


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Its an easier HCL redux but the ladders still exist for the competitors. Streamers should be competing!


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Lag in hardcore is a feature not a bug.
Screen freezes for several seconds, will you be alive when it unfreezes? Who knows?
What could me more hardcore than that. :devilish:

Seriously through, I bailed on hardcore. Do not see the point of wasting time and effort on the lag fest just to die and do it all over.
It I die due to my own stupidity I can accept that but from lag (server operators stupidity) is just frustrating.


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I took Sunday off for streaming HC. We had really bad weather (tornado warnings) and I wasn't sure if the power might go out. I'm playing it safe for the most part.

Dying on HC is always a disappointment, but it wouldn't be as exciting without that element of death.

Hardcore is the closest this couch potato will ever get to extreme sports.