The Eldritch Dark Hunter


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I have played variants of the combo of Dark Hunter with Acolyte of the skin 6/12/18 feats. One thing I have observed with the ranger is the lack of sheer AOE that the spellcasters can get. You have to take Acolyte of the Skin for this to work. The reason are the Pact Attunement feats that that archetype can take at level 6,12 and 18. Similar to the monk feats at 6, 12, 18 for stances. Note: Acolyte of the skin warlock cannot be good. My reason for this build is I had to take 3 Dark hunter and 3 Acolyte of the Skin lives. I started to experiment with various combination.
1 Dark Hunter skills , trapfinding
2 Monk monk feat
3 Monk monk feat, Evasion
4 Acolyte of the skin Lesser Pact Attunement feat
6 Pact Attunement feat , multiclass level one warlock can purchase
12 Greater Pact Attunement feat
18 Ultimate Pact Attunement feat

Rest of levels really up to you. 1 warlock get you lesser pact attunement for free. 2 warlock level can get you chain blast. 6 warlock can get you pact attunement for free. 7 warlock can get you Dimension door. Each pact attunement feat, You gain 2d8 Eldritch Blast base damage and 2d6 Eldritch Blast Pact Dice. Total dices
level 1 warlock 2d8 eldritch blast, 2d6 Eldritch blast pact dice
level 6 feat 4d8 , 4d6
level 12 feat 6d8 , 6d6
level 18 feat 8d8 , 8d6
Now if you want to add the epic feat adding Eldritch blast dice you need to have 12 warlock for that. I like to add Utterdark Blast toggle in the Tainted Scholar tree to change the force damage to radiant. You will need plenty of combustion spell power. is very nice boosting both fire and radiant spellpower.
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