The Lack of Content and Gear in Mid-Epics

Dearest devs, while I'm sure it's already set, I beg that you please set Myth Drannor to be a mid epics pack and legendary rather than heroic and legendary. As the title suggests, there is a severe lack of questing in the mid epics, namely level 25 and 26 has some of the fewest quests to run, being in the single digits for each of those levels; second only to 28 and 29 that, combined, are still in the single digits, but that is near cap so by then people migrate to legendary quests so its no issue. And on top of that, there is a mind boggling amount of gear and gear sets, most of which of appropriate power levels, through all of heroics, and then at 20 its dead until you get gear at 29 from ravenloft/sharn/feywild; all gear between 21 and 29 is pretty much useless as the effects haven't been scaled to match the current power scaling, and there's not many set bonuses like there are for the rest of the level ranges to replace what you would give up to get higher level gear. The most ideal solution to this is to have an expansion set in this level range as the perfect bridge between heroics and legendary, and since Myth Drannor is set in forgotten realms, depending on the story line, it would be perfect to set right after the demon web chain to move to a new story in forgotten realms. And if it is already too late to do that for this expansion, please put a mini expansion in there because imo mid epics is one of the worst level ranges to level.
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perhaps Epic Tangleroot
With Epic Tangleroot I would hope they fix the problem that makes it non-reaperable.
10 quests total with 21 Named Items BTAoA (level range 5/6 base).
Also maybe add a couple more side quests in there, like the secrete cavern that is almost never run could be a separate quest (Side entrance, maybe through the Submerged Grotto?). The Mouth of Splinterskull, Lair of Burning Skulls, Temple Ruins, Bone-strewn Lair, Webbed Caves, Submerged Grotto and Overgrown Fortress lend themselves to possible quests.


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Any of the pre-MotU packs would be brilliant in lower-mid epics. Especially the lesser run content.

However. Please. For the love of all the players, actually spend time and change the quests a little.

Please no more just scaling up the mobs & rewards. Please.

E3BC treatment or just don't do it.