The Subterrane


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You need to clear 3 beholder rares in this area to complete the beholders MM (Monster Manual). Good old times when I did it with my Palemaster back in 2014/15(?)


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Mob density is too low to make the wilderness worth much. Garamol is a fun but fairly easy fight as long as you have featherfall. I think he drops one piece of loot that is worth something at heroic levels. Maybe two if the runearm floats your build somehow.


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This entire time I had NO idea there is a huge lvl18+ wilderness etc etc right in the middle of the marketplace :sick:
It's really not 18+. It's more like 13+ nowadays and max level is 22 I think? I have a stroll through every life. A garamol run followed by a beholder council check.

It marked my soul by how difficult it was when I first played it, over 10 years go.

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Go down there and hunt for Treasure Bags.


PS: I think it was the first raid wilderness, right?!


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I can def remember the good old days before quest sharing when you'd run out to HoX and someone (usually the healer) had forgotten to pick up the quest or was on timer.